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Reasons to use a travel agent:


Our travel agents have access to the latest information on hotels, flights and destinations. Our knowledge is invaluable.


Our agents have access to the best deals and rates  when packaging a holiday and we can really save you money through special deals and partnerships.

Personalized Service:

Using a travel agent means you have a human being who understands your needs and wants from a holiday.

Point of contact

The flight is canceled due to bad weather and the airline’s phone lines are jammed. Our travel agents can take care of the rearrangement of flights, hotels and other issues that may arise while if you booked direct you have  to join the queue with everyone else. This includes unforeseen events like lost or delayed luggage, health issues, lost or stolen belongings.


If you are planning a trip to Hawaii,  Please check out this site: BLUE SKY TOURS
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Gogo WORLWIDE Vacations

We specialize in Cruises –please call us.

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